PropFuel Offer to Ask Your Members About COVID-19

In the midst of the frustration and uncertainty we’re facing as an industry, PropFuel is offering our platform for free to any association interested in capturing member sentiment around the coronavirus.

Watch this 20 minute webinar where we explain the details of our offer. Register here for the the free COVID-19 feedback campaign.

Sign up for the free 2 month COVID-19 feedback campaign for your organization.

In the past few weeks, we’ve all witnessed the COVID-19 health scare and impact it’s having on associations. Most of our clients are relentlessly drafting static FAQs and trying to figure out how to communicate effectively with members of their association.

We recently asked association executives “How are you feeling about this COVID-19 thing right now?” and the response was surprisingly spread even:

Whether you feel this is mass hysteria or a serious health epidemic, it’s having a massive impact on the economy as a whole, all the way down to association revenue regardless the size of the association.

We believe you and your members have all the facts that are available. But what we don’t quite understand as well is how your members are feeling. What is their sentiment?

This is a moving target. One survey will not help you keep a pulse on your member’s sentiment over the next few months.

We are suggesting a series of 3 member check-in’s over the next 2 months starting with a 3 part check-in and leading to pulse questions over the weeks to follow.

While we don’t recommend sending out a long survey, sending a short pulse survey starting with 1-3 questions and then sending another one or two with a couple follow-up check-ins is a best practice. Examples of questions might include any of the following:

  • What is your personal feeling on the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How is this affecting your job?
  • Would you rather attend a virtual conference sooner or attend our in-person conference when we can do it safely?
  • Would you participate in a Virtual Exhibit Hall with suppliers and partners?
  • What concerns you about traveling to upcoming conferences?
  • Has your perspective of COVID-19 changes in the past few weeks?
  • How worried are you about attending the conference? And what is your main concern?
  • Are you considering changing your travel plans in the next couple months?
  • What would drive you to cancel your travel plans?
  • What can we do to put you more at ease while attending the conference?
  • What resources can we provide to help you and/or your organization prepare for the impact of COVID-19?
  • How has COVID-19 affected your day to day job?
  • Has your company implemented any special policies related to COVID-19?
  • How do you foresee COVID-19 affecting our industry?

PropFuel would like to give you free access to our “Voice of the Member” platform for the purpose of understanding how your members feel about COVID-19.

Watch this 20 minute webinar where we explain the details of our offer.

In this 20 minute webinar you’ll:

  • learn how you can use a Voice of the Member campaign tool to keep a pulse on your membership through this developing situation
  • see a blueprint of a COVID-19 feedback campaign
  • hear what you can do with the insights
  • hear the PropFuel free, no obligation offer details

We want to help you get through this frustrating period and listening to your members effectively is critical to your success.

Sign up for the free 2 month COVID-19 feedback campaign for your organization.

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