These are Unprecedented Times… 🤮

We’re a feedback company… Want some feedback, Marketers? Enough with the victim card. Do things that matter. Do things differently. Actually act on something. Stop preaching about it.

Here are some of the phrases I cut and pasted right from my email in about a 5 min search, that make me want to 🤮.

  • we’re living in unprecedented times – tops the list
  • this is the new normal
  • we’re in ever changing times
  • there’s no script for this
  • we’re in a shifting landscape
  • we’re all in this together 🤮
  • current way of life
  • challenging times for all
  • social distance shaming (actually that one is kind of fun)
  • navigate this extraordinary health and economic crisis
  • navigate these turbulent times
  • if only we were more proactive

We KNOW this is an uncertain and unprecedented time! So let’s just jump to the value proposition. Tell me why I’m getting your email.

Here’s the thing… a lot of these emails are actually valuable. It’s just getting through the first paragraph that turns me off so much. I really like how the world has been forced into taking a close look at what they are doing to create value right now. I really like that.

So what are you doing to create value? Are you an association? What are you doing to create value for your members? Are you a business? What are you doing that creates value?

We are creators!

At PropFuel, we’re helping you understand where your constituents are at in these unprecedented times 😉 We’re helping you understand their needs better so you can serve them. We’re helping you keep your relationship strong with your constituents by asking questions.

I hope this wasn’t too negative. I’m all done feeling sorry for myself. It’s hard. Now let’s make things better and better. I can tell you with certainty, PropFuel will be better off because this happened. Because like most of you, we’re getting creative and taking a close look at who we are and what we’re doing that creates value.

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