5 New Features in PropFuel to Help you Drive Revenue

Trying something a little different today. Normally my Friday updates are somewhat philosophical, and if you make it to the end, I’ve got something totally stupid and fun for you… (no cheating) 😉 

Today, I just want to tell you about 5 new features w’ve released in the past couple months:


Actions are probably the biggest thing that differentiate what we do from that of a survey. A survey tool is good at insight and pretty charts and graphs. It’s a dissection of your membership. 

Actions are automated workflows designed to take action based on how your participant answers a question to create a personalized experience fo your members.

One super simple and easy example to drive revenue is targeting lapsed members. Depending on the stage of a renewing member (soon to renew, grace period, expired, or dormant) simply sending out a series of questions over that time that draws the member’s attention to their membership status can be followed up with the following actions:post a link to renew on the landing page,send an internal alert to a membership personsend a follow up to the participant with an email with renewal instructionsThis is just one example of how to drive revenue with actions. To learn more you can download our Voice of the Member ebook.


Without a direct connection to your AMS, automation is less effective. Your AMS tells us where your members are in their member journey. The AMS tells PropFuel when someone is coming closer to renewal or when they’ve lapsed, which allows PropFuel to send questions triggering engagement. 

With the ability to not only pull data from the AMS, but in many cases, write data back, we can solve the problem of weak or outdated profiles. Ask a question, update the profile.


If you’re looking for revenue generating opportunities or if you feel like you’re trying to find alternative ways to provide value to your sponsors, try offering them ad space on the check-in emails. Or perhaps use an action to send participants to a landing page featuring a sponsor.

The ad space is perfect for announcements, conference notices, sponsor ads and renewal reminders.


It’s very common for users of PropFuel to want to share their insights with their leadership or Board, or in many cases even share the feedback with their members. We’ve added filters and reporting enhancements to help with your graphics and presentation.


Ridiculously obvious, but you probably want to see what a check-in looks like before it goes out. Duh! Now you can.

 Finally, as promised – some stupid fun. Check out this amazingly creative Music Video a band made over Zoom since they couldn’t meet in person.

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