Engaging Your Board, Volunteers and Staff

How? Micro-learning (that what our two little ladybug friends are doing 😉 …cuz they’re small.)

PropFuel is all about “intelligent engagement”. Creating a repeatable system to engage your stakeholders by asking questions (the trigger) and engaging (the action) based on their answer.

Two groups we’re always looking to engage better are Volunteers and Board Members. And we always ignore the needs of our staff!!!

ENTER National Credentialing Institute

Our very good friends at National Credentialing Institute have just launched their micro-credentialing system and it’s awesome! They’re focused on helping association professionals learn about the skills they need to get their job done. It’s like a college degree for association professionals, and a great way to prep for the CAE if that’s something you’ve been considering.

If you’re interested in better engaging your Board or new volunteers, consider asking them questions with PropFuel and driving them to micro-learning within the NCI library of 15-30 min sessions. 

Start here with this free session NCI is offering;


And then continue on with sessions on:
– Administration
– Membership
– Diversity and Inclusion
– Marketing
– and the list goes on…

If you like it, here’s a 60% promo code good until the end of July! Have at it: SD2020 

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