Equal, but Not the Same

PropFuel stands with the Black community. We will continue to be a part of the fight for equality and respect around the world.

The civil unrest and the social posts have forced me to think deeply about words like “equality”, “respect” and “the same”.

Beyond any doubt, I believe that People deserve to be treated with equal respect, but no-one deserves the dishonor of being the same.

This stems from a core belief I have and we support whole-heartedly with our platform that we are all individuals with different needs. No two people share the same set of needs and therefore, we deserve to be treated as an individual, yet we group people into categories all the time. In marketing we just call them segments, or personas. Generational experts categorize millions of people into groups based on a 10-20 year window of birth. So it begged the question in my ever-swirling mind, how is that ok? It doesn’t seem right to group people together by demographic and talk to them as one.

Here’s where I landed in this thought process:

When groups of people are connected to each other based on demographics and psychographics, and it’s done with respect, it can be valuable, and it’s not harmful, either. But when you take respect out of the equation, it becomes both dangerous and hurtful.

So is it ok to segment people into groups when you’re targeting a persona with your product or service? Is it ok to segment your audience and communicate with them differently based on their demographic? With respect in the equation, I think so. And it’s helpful.

But if you really want to effectively communicate, it’s done at the individual level, where you acknowledge that every person has something valuable to contribute to the world and it’s your job to empower them to do it!

At the risk of sounding like a promotion, that’s where we’re taking PropFuel. We’re creating a way for organizations to engage individuals with questions to identify and act in a way that is specific to their individual needs.

So, challenge me. Doesn’t it make sense to treat people equally with respect, but different as an individual?

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