You know why I loved the “Choose-your-own-adventure” books when I was a kid? …because I was in charge of my own destiny. The author asked me personally what I wanted to do. I answered and was given what I asked for.

Then I grew up.

And authors stopped asking what I wanted. Instead marketers and organizations started putting me in segments and placing a persona on me. I was now a demographic and treated as a block of people.

Where did we lose our imagination? Where did it become ok to assume my meeds are the same as the other people similar to me? I’m an individual and what I need today is different than what I need tomorrow. Let alone being grouped the other middle aged, strikingly handsome men that live in the Northeast.

So why on Earth are associations still putting members into buckets? …putting them into segments and talking AT them?

“Oh, awesome! You’re a new member, so you MUST want this dump truck of information in your lap today. Sort through it and click on something if it applies to you.”

Let’s learn from the mid 1980’s when we got to choose the direction we wanted to go in at certain points in our journey. Let’s bring the “choose-your-own-adventure” into the associations.

It’s easy:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Capture the Voice of the Member
  3. Act on their needs

Give your member what they need, when they need it with automated campaigns and workflows.

That’s called Intelligent Engagement.

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